Conditions To Enjoy The Special Rate For Resellers / Professionals

  • PRICES: special rate
  • PAYMENTS: will be in advance, when confirming the order.
  • TRANSPORT: To be calculated in each order.
  • PERSONALIZATION TYPES: in 1-ink, multicolor (IML) and digital
  • GLASS COLOR: In screen printing, to choose between the available colors of each model. In multicolor (ECO12I, ECO28I, ECO30I, ECO40I,ECO50I, ECO50HI, ECO50HSI ECO60I, ECO90I) and in digital (ECO30D, ECO60D) will be in translucent.
  • INK COLOR: In screen printing, to choose from the Ecoverre color chart.
  • ORDERS OVER 5000 UNITS: It must be processed directly through the mail:
  • MANUFACTURING DEADLINES: for screen printing 10 business days and for multicolor (IML) and digital 22 business days from when the order enters production.

To qualify for these rates, the NIF must be reported and ECOVERRE will verify the authenticity of the company's activity and authorize the use of these rates.



Article 1 - Object and Scope of Application

1.1 Object

These General Conditions will apply to all sales to Buyers of the products and/or services that Re-uz, S.L. produces, markets and/or lends within its corporate purpose (the “Product(s)”).

For the purposes of these General Conditions, “Buyer(s)” will be understood as any natural or legal person of any nature who purchases Re-uz Products, S.L., regardless of whether they act directly or indirectly, who does not have the status of consumer or user in accordance with Spanish Law.

The Buyer will be bound by the General Conditions, which he declares, expressly and irrevocably, to know, understand and accept without reservation. For these purposes, the General Conditions will form an inseparable part of the contractual relationship between the parties, understood to be accepted by the Buyer expressly, voluntarily and without reservation with their signature and acceptance or since Re-uz, S.L. inform you of its existence on its website ( In any case, these Conditions will be deemed accepted since Re-uz, S.L. has provided the Buyer with a copy of them or since it has informed of their existence, by any means, on the Re-uz, S.L. website. (

1.2 Scope of application

These General Conditions of Sale apply to all sales concluded by Re-uz, S.L. with any Buyers, and prevail over the clauses that may appear in the Buyer's documents, and especially in its general conditions of purchase, which are expressly excluded. Every order for Products implies, by the Buyer, acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale.

In any case of telematic or electronic contracting, the Buyer expressly relieves the Seller of the obligations of prior and subsequent information regulated, respectively, in articles 27 and 28 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on society services. information and electronic commerce.

However, Re-uz, S.L. reserves the right to repeal some clauses of these General Conditions, depending on the negotiations carried out with the Buyer, by establishing particular conditions of sale, which will always prevail over the first in case of contradiction, remaining in force in in any case for everything that is not regulated in such particular conditions.

Article 2 - Products and Personalization

The Products offered by Re-uz, S.L. They comply with current Spanish legislation. The Products are made from a material consisting exclusively of substances authorized by the regulations in force relating to materials that may come into contact with food.

It is the Buyer's responsibility to refer to the information relating to the Products before any order or use, to know the characteristics towards the intended use of said Product. The descriptions and information relating to the Products communicated or advertised by Re-uz, S.L. to the Buyer, however, are not exhaustive and are provided for information only. The photographs and illustrations that accompany the Products on the website, and in any other document provided by Re-uz, S.L., have no contractual value.

Re-uz, S.L. reserves the right to modify at any time the list and characteristics of the Products presented on its website and in any other document provided by Re-uz, S.L.

The Buyer is solely responsible for the use of the Products ordered and supplied by Re-uz, S.L.

Re-uz, S.L. offers the customization of its Products allowing the Buyer to place visual elements of their choice in them. Some ink colors, once applied to the Products, may not be exact to those shown on the Pantone Solid Coated Chart.

In some cases, the marking can be done in several colors. The references of these colors must be specified by the Buyer in the order and both the visual configuration and the colors must be validated by Re-uz, S.L.

Likewise, the geometric shapes advertised or communicated may suffer deformations in the glass, due to their conical shape; and impressed QR codes may, in certain cases, not be read because the glass is not a flat surface.

Before the final printing of the ordered Products, the printing template will be submitted to the Buyer for acceptance.

Acceptance of this template excludes any liability of Re-uz, S.L. regarding a potential error in the content of the personalization desired by the Buyer, because the printing template allows the Buyer to verify the texts and drawings before. Some combinations of glass and printing colors are not recommended by Re-uz, S.L. In the event that the Buyer's wishes were, despite everything, to apply these colors, Re-uz, S.L. will be exempt from any type of responsibility if the final result does not satisfy the Buyer's expectations. The offer of Products is limited to the limit of available stock.

Re-uz, S.L. reserves the right to use, communicate and advertise, for its own benefit, to third parties, including potential clients, the graphics and configuration of the Product sold. The offer of Products extends to the limit of available stocks.

Article 3 - Order and Price

3.1 How to place orders

The Buyer may place orders for the Products to Re-uz, S.L., by email, by telephone and at Re-uz, S.L.'s own facilities, through any commercial or authorized agent of Re-uz, S.L., as well as as on the Re-uz, S.L. web platform. (

The order must include the designation of the Products, the quantity, their unit price, the total price, VAT, as well as the corresponding transportation price.

3.2 Orders placed through the Re-uz, S.L. web platform.

If the purchase is carried out through electronic contracting, through the website, to proceed with the purchase of the product, the Buyer, who must be over eighteen (18) years of age. To begin the purchasing process, the Buyer may choose between the products offered on the website itself; You must select the product model you want to buy, when the page for that product is opened, choose the base color (of the product) and the color of ink with which you want to personalize the silkscreen products. Next, indicate the number of units you wish to purchase and add it to the virtual shopping cart that will be identified on the screen. The Buyer can perform these steps again, adding all the products they want to the shopping cart. In addition to the above, the Buyer may contract the design service offered by Re-uz, S.L. selecting in the corresponding tab. Once the selection of products to be purchased has been completed, the Buyer must click on the “Checkout” tab. Below, the products selected for purchase will be indicated; If the Buyer agrees with this, they will click “Checkout”, and the Buyer must select between the available options for shipping the products to the indicated address and the payment method, being able to choose between card or card options. PayPal. The buyer will truthfully, correctly and completely fill out the information requested for these purposes. Finally, the Buyer must click the "Continue" icon. The order and corresponding contract can be viewed and formalized as indicated on the website itself.

The order formulated in this way will be archived by Re-uz, S.L., and will be made available to the Buyer if he/she requests it at any time by email. Without prejudice to this, Re-uz, S.L. will send a confirmation of the order received to the email address provided by the Buyer within 24 hours after the corresponding order has been completed.

The data provided to Re-uz, S.L. through the corresponding form are identifying and enabling elements to access and make purchases and are personal and non-transferable.

3.3 Order validation

Orders placed will require, in any case, validation by Re-uz, S.L., which may be express or tacit. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, an order will not be considered validated until Re-uz, S.L. inform the Buyer by email that the order goes into production. Act that is executed when Re-uz, S.L. has received from the Buyer (i) the total amount budgeted in the order itself, (ii) the validation by the Buyer of the printing order (determining the type and color of glass, the colors of the screen printing and/or the type IML-Digital printing) and (iii) delivery and billing addresses.

Re-uz, S.L. reserves the right to cancel any order for just cause, without any liability arising from this.

3.4 Tolerance margin

For technical and production reasons, in orders for Products with IML printing, the Buyer assumes and accepts a tolerance margin of +/- 5% in the total quantity of glasses delivered, with respect to what is provided in the order placed. In the event that said differential is greater than the indicated percentage, Re-uz, S.L. will be obliged to supply the missing number of glasses until reaching at least the aforementioned tolerance margin. Said supply will be made within 30 days from the first delivery.

3.5 validity of the offers made by Re-uz, S.L.

The offers and quotes that Re-uz, S.L. has offered, communicated or advertised, by any means and at any time, are only valid for a maximum period of one (1) month from the date of said offer, communication or publication. .

3.6 Prices

The prices of the Products will be those indicated in the order validated by Re-uz, S.L. or, failing that, those indicated on its website at any time.

3.7 Payment Methods

The payment methods accepted by Re-uz, S.L. They are, by bank transfer, card and PayPal. In the case of orders placed through the Re-uz, S.L. web platform, only payments by card and PayPal are accepted.

Article 4 - Delay or non-payment

4.1 Consequences of non-payment

The non-payment of any invoice by the Buyer, once the corresponding due date has been reached, will automatically imply, and without the need for a payment requirement or notice, the accrual of compensation in favor of Re-uz, S.L. for an amount equivalent to 10% of the total unpaid amount, with a minimum of 50.- euros. And this without prejudice to the right of Re-uz, S.L. to claim compensation for damages caused by non-payment, if these are greater than that amount.

In addition to the above, non-payment of any invoice on its corresponding due date will entail the accrual of late payment interest, at a rate of 1% per month, which will be computed from the date of the aforementioned unpaid due date and until the day on which effectively produces payment of the amount owed.

4.2 Contractual termination

Failure to comply with any of the obligations that correspond to the Buyer under these General Conditions or the agreements and contracts individually reached between the parties will entitle Re-uz, S.L. to terminate the purchase and sale contract, the Buyer must return to the Seller the Products that have been delivered to date, without prejudice to compensation for damages caused by reason of the non-compliance that may arise, and that corresponds to claiming from Re-uz , S.L.. In the event of said resolution, Re-uz, S.L. will also have the right to claim payment of the compensation regulated in this article, as well as the accrued late payment interest, computed in accordance with the provisions of this article, and which will continue to accrue until the Buyer does not fully return the purchased Products.

The resolution may refer, according to the decision freely adopted by Re-uz, S.L., not only to the order in question, but also to previous and/or subsequent orders, which have been delivered/executed or in the process of delivery/execution, with regardless of whether its price has been previously unpaid or not.

4.3 Early maturity

When the price to be paid has been fractioned or divided over time or among several Buyers, the non-payment of a single part will automatically imply the early maturity of the entire debt, without the need for an express declaration in this regard or any payment requirement. No type of compensation will be accepted for amounts owed to Re-uz, S.L. without the express written consent of the latter.

4.4 Payment allocation

Any partial payment will be attributed to the payment of liquid, due and payable debts, in order of their maturity, from oldest to most recent.

Article 5 - Modification of the order

Any suspension, modification or cancellation of the order requested by the Buyer may be taken into consideration only if it has been requested from Re-uz, S.L. in writing before dispatch of the Products, if these are standard; or before the order goes into production by Re-uz, S.L., if it is personalized Products or services. In any case, the suspension, modification or cancellation of the order will only be effective if expressly consented to by Re-uz, S.L., which may oppose it by invoking just cause.

If Re-uz, S.L. accepts the suspension, modification or cancellation of the order, Re-uz, S.L. will definitively endorse any amounts delivered on account of the price of the Products, and the Buyer must also indemnify Re-uz, S.L. for any expenses incurred in order to fulfill the order.

Article 6 - Deadlines and Delivery

6.1 Order and delivery times

Deliveries will be operated and dispatched based on availability and in the order in which orders are received. The Buyer authorizes Re-uz, S.L. to proceed with global or partial deliveries.

The execution times indicated by Re-uz, S.L. They are only indicative, to the extent that they depend on supply and transportation. Delays in delivery do not entail cancellation or modification of the order, nor do they impose on Re-uz, S.L. the payment of penalties or damages. However, the Buyer may withdraw from the order if delivery of the order takes more than sixty (60) days from the date of entry into production of the order. In this case Re-uz, S.L. must be liable for damages, losses, interests or penalties caused to the buyer.

6.2 Form and place of delivery. Transport service

All deliveries made by Re-uz, S.L. will be subject to INCOTERM Ex Works (INCOTERMS 2010), the place of delivery being the facilities of Re-uz, S.L., located in Sant Salvador de Guardiola, P.I. Salelles II, Calle Edison, nº 1. Consequently, the transfer of risks to the buyer will take place at the time the Products are made available to the Buyer, for collection, at the indicated facilities; and the transportation and pertinent insurance to the destination point of interest to the Buyer will be borne by the latter, as will the risks inherent to said transfer.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, Re-uz, S.L. may offer transportation service to the Buyer, which will be paid apart from the price of the Products, and according to the rate that will also be indicated at the time of placing the order. Transportation will be contracted by Re-uz, S.L. in the interest of the Buyer, and will not modify the regulation of the transfer of risks indicated in this Clause.

6.3 Liability for defects in quality or quantity of the Products

In any case, at the time the Products are received, the Buyer is obliged to verify the number of packages received and their condition, and is also obliged to record on the delivery note any discrepancy or claim that is verified regarding these extremes.

Re-uz, S.L. will not be obliged to respond for any defect or defect in the delivered Products that is not notified within a period of five (5) calendar days from the effective receipt of the same by the Buyer.

Article 7 - Reservation of domain

In the event that payment of the corresponding price is divided or postponed by mutual agreement of the Parties, Re-uz, S.L. reserves, until payment of the entire price by the Buyer, the right of ownership over the Products sold, which will entitle the Buyer to regain possession of the Products in the event that the price is not paid when due, without prejudice to any claims for payment and compliance with the contract that may apply.

Article 8 – Responsibility and Guarantees

Re-uz, S.L. guarantees that the Products conform to the specifications determined in the order, in the terms and conditions regulated in these General Conditions and, where applicable, in the particular agreements reached between the parties. Unless expressly provided otherwise, the obligations assumed by Re-uz, S.L. They are always obligations of means and not of results.

Except expressly provided to the contrary, the obligations assumed by Re-uz, S.L. They are always obligations of mitjans and not of results.

In any case, the responsibility of Re-uz, S.L. for non-compliance with its commitments is limited, at its option, (i) to the refund of the price of the Products, as indicated in the order; or (ii) to its replacement, pure and simple, and number by number; without being payable to Re-uz, S.L. no type of additional expenses, benefits and/or compensation of any kind. In no case is the responsibility of Re-uz, S.L. will extend to other costs or expenses, direct or indirect, that the Buyer may suffer, such as financial or commercial damages, loss of customers, operating losses, loss of investment or commercial opportunities, or reputational damage to its name or trademark, All of them cited for exemplary and non-limiting purposes.

In any case, and in accordance with the above, the eventual liability of Re-uz, S.L., for any contractual breaches, is limited to the price of the Products that appears in the corresponding order.

In no case Re-uz, S.L. will be liable for the Buyer's lack of satisfaction with a Product that has been personalized, when the Buyer has expressed, expressly or tacitly, its agreement with the printing order of said Product.

Nor will Re-uz, S.L. respond. for defects and deterioration in the Products (i) caused by natural wear and tear, (ii) due to inadequate storage, (iii) as a result of transportation carried out; (iv) for improper use; or, in general, (v) for any circumstance that does not directly depend on contractual obligations assumed by Re-uz, S.L.

Article 9 - Intellectual property and confidentiality

The Buyer expressly guarantees Re-uz, S.L. that the drawings, texts, diagrams, photographs, brands, logos or any other visual elements that you deliver to Re-uz, S.L. for the personalization of the Products you order are legitimate, and you can legally use them without infringing any third party rights.

The Buyer will be solely responsible for any legal, administrative, contractual or any other type of infringement that may occur as a result of the manufacturing, marketing and/or putting into circulation of the requested Products, and expressly undertakes to hold Re-uz harmless. , S.L. for any damage or harm that it may suffer as a consequence of the use and circulation of the visual elements outlined in the previous paragraph.

On the other hand, Re-uz, S.L. reserves the right to reject, at its discretion, any order for Personalized Products that contains words or images deemed inappropriate, unethical or illegal.

Re-uz, S.L. and the identifying brands and logos of Re-uz, S.L. appear on each Product. They are registered trademarks, property of Re-uz, S.L. The Buyer undertakes not to use, reproduce or disseminate said trademarks in any way, except to identify the origin of the Products and for their use, always and in any case warning that the trademarks are registered.

Re-uz, S.L. retains exclusive ownership of the studies, projects, designs, plans, prototypes, models and all documents delivered to the Buyer. The sale of the Products does not entail any transfer of intellectual or industrial property, know-how, or any type of technology in favor of the Buyer. Any financial offer, technical application study, plan, model, scheme, design and/or any other document delivered by Re-uz, S.L. to the Buyer is strictly confidential. It is prohibited to copy them, patent them, protect them by any other intellectual or industrial property right or disclose them to a third party, directly or indirectly. On the other hand, Re-uz, S.L. may demand the restitution and/or destruction of all the aforementioned material that has been delivered together with the Products.

Article 10 – Force Majeure

Re-uz, S.L. will not be liable for non-compliance with its contractual obligations and/or those resulting from these General Conditions, nor for damages and losses that arise, directly or indirectly, from said non-compliance, in the event of an event of force majeure. /p>

For these purposes, major events constitute any events independent of the will of the parties, which could not be reasonably foreseen, and which could not be reasonably avoided, to the extent that their appearance causes the execution of the obligations assumed. by Re-uz, S.L. become impossible or extremely burdensome based on the price agreed between the parties. For illustrative and non-limiting purposes, in all cases cases of force majeure will be considered the declaration of a state of alarm, exception or siege by the competent authorities; strikes by all or part of the staff of Re-uz, S.L. or its usual carriers; fire, floods or other calamities at the facilities of Re-uz, S.L. or its suppliers; war situations; production stoppages due to accidental breakdowns; epidemics; road closures; cuts in the supply of water, electricity, natural gas or other raw materials; as well as any other cause of rupture of supplies attributable to suppliers of Re-uz, S.L. or to third parties.

In the event of a force majeure event, Re-uz, S.L. will notify the Buyer in writing, by postal mail or email.

From the occurrence of the event of force majeure, the current contract between the parties will be understood to be suspended, and may be resolved at the request of any of the parties if within sixty (60) days the cause of force majeure has not ceased, without being payable to Re-uz, S.L. no type of compensation or penalty for any reason. Said resolution will be made effective by writing sent by the interested party to the other party, by postal mail or email.

During the suspension of the contract, neither party will be obliged to repay what they have already received under the contract itself.

From the moment the cause of force majeure ceases Re-uz, S.L. will have an additional period of thirty (30) days to comply with its contractual commitments, which will be added to those already established in the contract or order that governed the relationship between the parties, and which had been suspended.

Article 11 - Applicable law and jurisdiction

11.1 Applicable law

These General Conditions of Sale, as well as any possible condition, agreement or particular contract between the parties in relation to the activity that constitutes the corporate purpose of Re-uz, S.L. They will be governed by common Spanish Law. In the case of international sales, the application of the 1980 Vienna Convention is expressly excluded.

11.2 Jurisdiction

In the event of any conflict or controversy between the parties in relation to the validity, interpretation, execution or validity of these General Conditions of Sale and/or any condition, agreement or particular contract between the parties in relation to the activity. which constitutes the corporate purpose of Re-uz, S.L., the parties expressly submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Manresa, with the express exclusion of any other jurisdiction, national or international, that may apply to them.

Article 12 - Miscellaneous

12.1 Partial nullity

The possible illegality or invalidity of an article, paragraph or provision (or part of an article, paragraph or provision) of these General Conditions may not prejudice the legality and validity of the other articles. , paragraphs or provisions, nor the rest of the article, paragraph or provision itself.

If this is the case, the parties, acting by mutual agreement, will replace the illegal or void article, paragraph or provision, or part thereof, with a legal and valid article, paragraph or provision that allows the maintenance of the balance of the economic and legal conditions between the parties.

12.2 Transfer

The Buyer may not assign its rights or obligations derived from the contract signed with the Seller or those derived from these General Conditions without the express prior written consent of the Seller.

12.3 Failure to waive rights

The omission or delay in demanding compliance with any of the terms contained in the particular conditions, the General Conditions or the applicable legislation by the Seller shall not be understood as a waiver of the right to demand such compliance at a later time. Nor will it be considered that there is a waiver of the rights or actions that correspond to the Seller when the Seller only makes partial use of such rights or actions.

12.4 Modification of these General Conditions

The Seller reserves the right to adapt or modify the General Conditions at any time by publishing the new version on the website and in other media deemed appropriate, if applicable.

In the event of their adaptation or modification, they would apply to sales that take place after their publication on the aforementioned website. Regarding current contractual relations, the modified general conditions will be understood to be accepted by the Buyer expressly, voluntarily and without reservation if, within a period of thirty (30) days from when the new general conditions have been provided or informed of its existence on the Seller's website, the Buyer does not expressly express its opposition.

12.5 Notifications between the parties

Unless otherwise applicable, any communication between the parties must be made in writing and by a means that allows proof of its receipt by the recipient addressed to the corresponding addresses. The postal address of Re-uz, S.L., for these purposes, is the one that appears in the heading of these General Conditions, and its electronic address to which the Buyer can contact at any time is


Article 13 - Protection of personal data

Re-uz, S.L. undertakes to comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal data and, in particular, with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of April 27, 2016.

In terms of data protection, the “General Conditions” contained in the Legal Notice of the website will apply, which are reproduced here for all purposes. The processing of any order by the Buyer automatically implies that he declares that he is aware of these General Conditions and expressly submits to them.

Article 14 – Entry into force

The General Conditions will apply from May 30, 2020.