Conditions To Enjoy The Special Rate For Resellers / Professionals

  • PRICES: special rate
  • PAYMENTS: will be in advance, when confirming the order.
  • TRANSPORT: To be calculated in each order.
  • PERSONALIZATION TYPES: in 1-ink, multicolor (IML) and digital
  • GLASS COLOR: In screen printing, to choose between the available colors of each model. In multicolor (ECO12I, ECO28I, ECO30I, ECO40I,ECO50I, ECO50HI, ECO50HSI ECO60I, ECO90I) and in digital (ECO30D, ECO60D) will be in translucent.
  • INK COLOR: In screen printing, to choose from the Ecoverre color chart.
  • ORDERS OVER 5000 UNITS: It must be processed directly through the mail:
  • MANUFACTURING DEADLINES: for screen printing 10 business days and for multicolor (IML) and digital 22 business days from when the order enters production.

To qualify for these rates, the NIF must be reported and ECOVERRE will verify the authenticity of the company's activity and authorize the use of these rates.